Jams is a multi-racial DJ, poet, community artist, programmer, producer and radio geek specializing in 90s and futurist hip-hop, house and electric powwow vibes and music to move you.

She learned how to DJ in the 90s as a youth on a friend's technics 1200 set. Jams took a break from the Tkaronto music scene to raise her daughter, but made a comeback in 2007 when she started the Vibe Collective. Jams was co-host and DJ on The Vibe Collective radio show for over a decade.

Jams has played in and around Tkaronto, including the ROM Friday Night Live Mic Drop, AGO First Thursdays, Bricks and Glitter and Pride, as well as many grassroots fundraisers and community events and loves nothing more than to play for a dark room with a great sound system and people to move.